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Nothing But Real with Florian Graf, Sunday 16 June Filmabend Karim Patwa zeigt..., Saturday 19 January Elephant Ein Abend über gleichnamige Filme, Thursday 16 February Aufbruch in Ägypten Public Viewing - Sternstunde Kunst, Sunday 29 January Vincent Meesen Film Screening, Friday 16 December Revolution 2.0 in Ägypten Arabische Filmnächte 2011, Friday 9 December – 10 December Bambi Gioacchino Noris, Disney Research Center, Monday 5 December Stephan Lugbauer Film Screening, Friday 2 December Bice Curiger Studio Cinema, Sunday 5 June Abstrakte Filmnacht Studio Cinema, Friday 27 May Free Radicals Studio Cinema, Thursday 19 May Tausendschön (Sedmikrasky) Studio Cinema, Thursday 28 April Familientreffen Studio Cinema, Thursday 14 April Erotikon Silent Cinema, Tuesday 5 April My Kid Could Paint That Studio Cinema, Thursday 17 March Dokumentarfilm-Wunschprogramm Studio Cinema, Thursday 10 March René Clair Silent Cinema, Thursday 3 March Soy Cuba Studio Cinema, Thursday 24 February Die Tragödie der Belladonna Studio Cinema, Thursday 10 February Borderline Silent Cinema, Thursday 3 February Os Sete Sacramentos de Canudos Studio Cinema, Thursday 27 January Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam Silent Cinema, Thursday 6 January Hassliebe zu Ridley Scott Studio Cinema, Thursday 23 December Be here to love me Studio Cinema, Thursday 16 December Le Sang d'un poète Silent Cinema, Thursday 2 December Herrenkinder Studio Cinema, Thursday 25 November